About My Business

It Began in March 1994

I started this business in March 1994 to meet the specific needs of people and small businesses. Large companies often have technical support people or consultants to whom employees can turn for answers. These resources were either not available or generally not affordable to someone in a home or small business environment. I provided individual instruction and consultation in the use of personal computers at an affordable price.

From the beginning, the direction of my business has been dictated by the needs of my clients. In 1996, I began providing Microsoft Access database design and development services. In 1997, my services expanded to include networking small numbers of Windows PCs and performing some hardware installations. As the Internet entered the mainstream of our lives, I helped set up wireless Internet connections. I help folks with music player, phone, and even some television issues.

Getting It All to Work Together

My business continues to change as technology and my clients’ needs change. Now I am working with clients on solutions regarding getting their technology to work together. People want to be able to check their calendars, contacts, and messages not only on their computers, but also online, on their smartphones, or with other devices. People want to listen to music and podcasts as well as watch videos using their portable devices as well as their computers and home entertainment systems. At times I find myself acting almost as a technology concierge.

More Competition for Business Everyday
In 1994, only about 25% of the people had computers in their homes. A small business might have one or two. Very few companies provided that type of services I did for homes and small businesses. Today electronics stores, office supply stores, cable companies, and various franchises offer technical support services.


The Dan Henry Difference

My clients do business only with me.  They are not visited by a random person from some pool of “geeks” or “nerds.” I personally provide the support that is given along with any followup. Even though technology is the central to my business, my business is primarily about the people who are my clients.

Many tech support companies charge a flat fee for service. This may sound like a great ides until you see what that flat fee is. When hourly rates are charged, they are normally significantly higher than mine.

I have been in business for 15 years and had been involved with technology for over a decade before that. Additionally, I have lots of experience working with and communicating with people.

My clients are working directly with the owner.  There is no manager of supervisor to call to resolve any issue.

I have nothing to gain by selling you anything but my time. I can give you knowledgeable advice including telling you when to consider replacing old hardware. If hardware is required, the client purchases it or reimburses me only for the retail cost paid.

Text Box: Providing Personal, Friendly Support To Hundreds Of Clients Since 1994

Phone: 860-667-2754

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