I provide technology support to people at their homes or places of business.

Service List

I sit down with you to answer your questions and develop solutions to your personal or business technology needs including hardware and software.

I can set up new equipment for you, too.

Tutoring and Consulting

I diagnose and resolve a wide variety of hardware and software issues that prevent you from using the full power of your PC.

I’ll get that troublesome PC working.

Troubleshooting and Performance

Some businesses have me visit them on a regular basis to ensure that their technology is running properly. I check to ensure that all appropriate updates have  been done and that the expected data backups processes have been done. I perform any necessary maintenance as well as any updates. I sit down with the owner or manager to discuss short-term and long-term technology plans. A detailed report is sent after each visit.

Audit/Maintenance Program

I create, enhance, and maintain customized Microsoft Access databases for a variety of businesses. The databases are customized to the specific needs of the business. Databases are designed so they can be changed as business needs change without being redesigned.

A custom database can be a great productivity booster that can give your business a competitive edge.

Custom Databases

Text Box: Providing Personal, Friendly Support To Hundreds Of Clients Since 1994

“Technology Convergence” is a term that you probably hear more frequently. Many of the technological devices we now own can be made to work together. I can help you determine ways your computers, MP3 players, televisions, cell phones, and other technology can work together for you.

Putting It All Together

Phone: 860-667-2754

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