Dan Henry


Welcome to my web site. If you are not familiar with me or the services I provide, please click here to find out more .

Youll also find links here some of the old newsletters Ive put together going back to 1994. Looking through these really shows us how far technology has come and how much more we now get for our money.


Text Box: Providing Personal, Friendly Support To Hundreds Of Clients Since 1994

Phone: 860-667-2754

Text Box: Call for Advice or an Appointment
Call me at 860-667-2754 and Id be happy to give you some advice about your own technology questions. Of course, you can also call me to set up an appointment so that we can work together to ensure your technology works the way you want it to. 

I can help you right away with a number of issues:
Repair your current computer or replace it?
Mac or PC? Desktop, laptop, or tablet?
Minimum specifications to look for in a new PC
Networking and Internet issues
Having your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. work together for you.
Handling malicious software and viruses
Backup strategies